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BCWA Osprey Platform

Buffalo Creek Watershed Association  &  Meadowlands Sportsmen’s Club


Hail to patience and perseverance! The BCWA is excited to announce that FINALLY, as one of the goals of its 2012 Dutch Fork Lake Recreational Long-Range Plan, an Osprey Nest Platform has been installed in close proximity to the lake. Having been unsuccessful in negotiating timely placement of the platform on Fish & Boat property, the Meadowlands Sportsmen’s Club located on Lake Road adjacent to the Lake, agreed to have the platform installed on their property.


We are sooo very grateful to the club not only for that generous no-cost offer, but also for their assistance erecting it. Likewise, a HUGE “Thank You” to member, Chet Kcril who spearheaded the long awaited completion of this project.  Hopefully, the platform will attract an osprey that will be visible flying over the lake for anglers, birders, and other outdoor visitors to observe and enjoy.        

BCWA Osprey Platform Volunteers
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