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7 PM 2nd Thursday of the month

Buffalo Township Municipal Building 
400 Buffalo Center Lane
Washington, PA 15301

Buffalo Creek Watershed at a Glance

Buffalo Creek is a gem of Washington County. This watershed is rural in nature.  Buffalo Creek has been designated a High Quality Warm Water Fishery (HQ-WWF) by PADEP; an Important Bird Area (IBA-80) by the Western PA Conservancy - one of only 85 in the state; and, an Exceptional Biodiversity Area (BDA) by the Western PA Conservancy.


Buffalo Creek Stats

Watershed Area: 164 Sq. Miles
Land Use 52% Forested, 47% Agriculture, <1% Developed

Total Length of Streams (with Tributaries): 259 Miles

Primary Concerns: Protecting and improving the quality of this high quality water resource is one major concern for the dedicated members of Buffalo Creek Watershed. 

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BCWA Projects

The Buffalo Creek Watershed Association hosts and participated in a variety of projects throughout the year. Some of the primary projects BCWA members are currently working on are:

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Help Monitor, Restore, and Protect Buffalo Creek
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We would love to hear from you! you can reach us by mail at the following P.O. Box, or by e-mail.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 408

Claysville, PA 15323




The Washington County Watershed Alliance (WCWA) is a nonprofit organization founded to enhance and coordinate conservation efforts throughout the County and to support the activities of individual watershed associations. 

WCWA Mission: Through a watershed based approach, will: provide a collaborative framework to support the efforts of all local watershed associations; encourage responsible utilization of air, land and water resources; to support sound agricultural activities, encourage sustainable land use, and the protection and preservation of agricultural lands; and promote the protection, preservation and enhancement of the county’s natural resources, biodiversity and ecological health for the benefit of current and future generations.


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M-F 8 AM - 4:30 PM

50 Old Hickory Ridge Road, Suite 1  
​Washington, PA 15301

T: 724-705-7098

(Ask for Jennifer Dann)

E: info@wcwalliance.org

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