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Under Construction. This page will showcase all of our amazing projects. 

Datalogger Project

Program ran: 2011 through 2019

The project used Solinst Levelogger LTC Junior devices to measure water quality of 25 different streams within Washington County.  The devices measured conductivity, water temperature, and water level every 15 minutes continuously.  The data for this project can be found online on the 3RiversQuest WATERS online mapping system (

The program ended in 2019 after the funding was exhausted.  The data is currently being analyzed by partner organizations and will be used in 2020 and 2021 to develop areas of concern for water quality in the county.  Stay tuned for more details regarding the data analysis!

CATTFish Project

Project Ran:

2013 through 2017

The CATTFish (Conductivity And Temperature in the Toilet) is a device developed by the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University.  These devices were used by the Watershed Alliance to measure conductivity and temperature of ground water resources around the county.  Sixty three (63) participants measured their incoming ground water resources using the device for two years (with many volunteering to extend the project beyond two years).  The data provided a good overview of the ground water resources within the county.  Data was analyzed and maps were created by a California University of Pennsylvania professor and his students.

Passport Program

Project Ran:


The Watershed Passport Program ran during the 2015 school year.  Middle school science classes were invited to participate.  The WCWA worked with McGuffey and Chartiers-Houston School Districts for this project.  Students from the 7th grade classes were asked to complete a watershed passport both in school and through out of school activities.  Some examples of out of school activities included hiking, photography, create art out of outdoor elements, and write a nature inspired poem or short story.  Students who completed their passports were entered into a drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Between the two schools 60 students completed the program.  Congrats to all the students for learning more about their environment!

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