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Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed Association

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7 PM 2nd TUESDAY of the month

Washington County Conservation District

50 Old Hickory Ridge Road, Suite 1

Washington, PA 15301

Chartiers Creek Watershed at a Glance

Chartiers Creek flows north and east from the center of Washington County into the center of Allegheny County. It discharges into the Ohio River at McKees Rocks, PA. The upper portion of the watershed in Washington County is not considered to be a navigable waterway of the United States. The size of the Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed is approximately 139 square miles. It is the most developed of the watersheds in the County, yet agriculture is still a major land use activity. While Chartiers Creek Watershed had an abundance of rich natural resources, decades of use, abuse, and development have degraded the environment and impaired Chartiers Creek. Nevertheless, hope remains high for the future of Chartiers Creek.

Upper Chartiers Creek Stats

Watershed Area: 139 Sq. Miles
Mainstem Chartiers Creek Length. 38.5 Miles

Total Length of Streams (with Tributaries): 282 Miles

Primary Concerns: Sprawling Developent, Agricultural Runoff, Acid Mine Drainage, Industrial Contamination, Wastewater.

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Our Association

Who We Are
The Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed Association (UCCWA) is a group of volunteers who work to ensure the high environmental quality of the upper portion of Chartiers Creek – the portion located in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The lower portion of Chartiers Creek is located in Allegheny County.

UCCWA is a nonprofit water and natural resources conservation group, one of eight such groups under the auspices of the Washington County Watershed Alliance, an umbrella organization that serves as our fiscal agent for grants and helps coordinate our conservation efforts.

Membership in our association is open to anyone who lives, conducts business, or is actively involved within the Chartiers Creek Watershed. We also welcome other individuals and businesses concerned about ensuring the quality of our watershed streams and lakes.


What We Do
UCCWA maintains an ongoing schedule of events and projects that help protect our waterways. Our group monitors streams, promotes good water conservation practices, and conducts educational and recreational events for our members and the general public.

Our Mission
The purpose of the Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed Association is to enhance, protect, and develop the ecosystem of the watershed by undertaking the following activities:

  1. Study the natural resources of the watershed

  2. Develop programs to maintain and improve the water resources of the watershed

  3. Promote local interest in natural resource conservation

  4. Involve local support to correct conditions that cause problems for the watershed

  5. Identify federal, state, and local programs (financial, technical, and scientific) that would benefit the watershed

To achieve these goals, UCCWA is committed to working with the real estate community, governments, and other segments of our community, and to be a resource and forum for concepts in the following areas:

  • Land development

  • On-site stormwater retention

  • Watershed management

  • Public policy

Our History
The Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed Association was formally organized on September 29, 1999 by a small group of volunteers who wanted to provide ways and means for protecting the watershed’s natural resources.

At this initial meeting, the group adopted by-laws and elected officers.

UCCWA Projects

The Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed Association hosts and participates in a variety of projects throughout the year. Some of the primary projects UCCWA members are currently working on are:


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UCCWA Library
Contact Upper Chartiers Creek Watershed Association
Help Monitor, Restore, and Protect Chartiers Creek
M-F 8 AM - 4:30 PM

50 Old Hickory Ridge Road, Suite 1  
​Washington, PA 15301

T: 724-705-7098 (Ask for Jennifer Dann)


President - Virginia McAnulty


Vice President - Carrilee Hemington

Treasurer - Summer Voelker

Secretary - Kristene Shaw

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